Douglas Falk

Douglas Falk was born in Stockholm, Sweden on May 15th 1992. The son of a journalist and an accountant, he was raised in the borough of Norrmalm. After graduating from senior high school, he applied to a five-year long English teaching course at Stockholm University. He eventually came to the realization that a career in teaching was not his calling, and dropped out after a year to pursue his dream profession – writing.

During his later years, he developed a fascination for conspiracy theories on his leisure time and researched them frantically on a daily basis. When he finally put pen to paper with the first script of The Voyage in late 2017, there was no shred of doubt in his mind about what the focal point of the novel would be.

Falk’s debut fiction novel will explore the mother of all conspiracy theories herself: the flat Earth theory. THE VOYAGE, a thriller/adventure novel in the same vein of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series & Michael Crichton’s speculative works, was released on December 3, 2019 – with the sequel THE RAPTURE scheduled for a 2021 release.

The Voyage is published by Mascot Books, Inc.


The Voyage (2019)

John Wilander finds himself reluctantly drawn to an ambitious investigation of a clandestine theory – lured into the rabbit hole by his enigmatic new friend from Stockholm University, the privileged William Milton. William is intensely determined to exhume the mother of all conspiracy theories from its dormancy, and usher in the renaissance of a notorious worldview which has been dead and buried for five hundred years… until now. As John’s pleas for sanity fall on deaf ears, a decision is made; with the aid of astrophysicist Dr. Celeste Wood, the table is set for a voyage to Antarctica that, if successful, could re-shape the world as we know it for all the years to come – with or without him.

William looked at his confused friend and decided that it was the right moment to lay the cards on the table.

“There is no gentle, or subtle, way of telling you this, my friend – so I’m just going to lay it all on the line. The Earth is flat, John Wilander. The Earth is flat and stationary, and everything you think you know about the cosmology you have been taught is either a lie or a misconception. The Earth is flat, and outer space as we know it does not exist… and we have absolutely no idea where we are right now.”

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The Rapture (2023 – TBD)

Sequel to The Voyage – TBA

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